The danger of sea level rise

The danger of sea level rise of the oceansWe all know that water covers 75% of the planet, the other 25% is land. The ocean level was kept constant by the continuous evaporation of this water under the seas.

However, if the temperature of the ice caps would increase a few degrees, the ice accumulated there for thousands of years begin to melt. This would cause a rise in water level to limit catastrophic for humanity. This is one of the reasons why we are so worried about global warming, because if this were to happen could be the end of humankind.

The danger of sea level rise of the oceans is caused by two factors. The first is the arrival of ocean water from such sources as melted ice of glaciers and polar icecaps. Current evidence of global warming includes the widespread retreat of glaciers in 5 continents. For example:
The danger of sea level rise of the oceans
The ice Peak Kilimanjaro may be gone in 20 years. About a third of Kilimanjaro's ice has disappeared in the last 12 years and 82% have vanished since it was put in first mapped in 1912.
The Arctic Ocean sea ice is thinning. Impressive mass of Antarctic ice have collapsed into the sea with alarming rapidity.

The second factor is the thermal expansion of ocean water. As the ocean water temperature rises and the seas become less dense, they will spread, occupying more surface of the planet. An increase in temperature would accelerate the rate of increase in sea level. Since the end of the last ice age, 18,000 years ago, sea level has risen by over 120 meters.

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